Ninety Boats Make For Big Weekend At Gibson Island


Nearly All Race In Second Contest Sunday

June 09, 1991|By NANCY NOYES

Last weekend was a big one for sailing up at Gibson Island, when theGibson Island Yacht Squadron played host to its annual Love Point-Swan Point Cup Regatta, as well as some less formal J/22 one-design tune-up racing.

Ninety big boats in 10 classes took part in Saturday's sanctioned 10.64-mile chase, and nearly all of them finished out the weekend with a second contest on Sunday, this time on a course of 7.34 miles.

Out of all of the competitors, however, only three teams were able to land back-to-back aces in the series.

Winners in the MORC class were Brian Jones and crew on his modified Creekmore 22 Shadowfax.

IMS II winners Steve Stunda and Tink Chambers and team on their Beneteau 42 Bucentaur and PHRF-Nonspinnaker winner Allen Keiser and company on his J/40 Albar II topped out their smaller classes both days.

"The wind was pretty patchy all weekend," Jones said, "but the left side of the course always seemed to have more wind." Strong ebb currents, too, were a major factor, he added.

On Saturday, on an approximate windward-leeward course around government marks between LovePoint and the Chester River, the current and a wildly swinging wind shift in the mouth of the oncoming squalls flipped the orientation ofthe course as Jones reached the first mark.

"There were wind holes everywhere," Jones said. "In the current, we just barely got aroundthe mark, and then the wind filled in from the south, and we had to beat on what should have been the downwind leg. At the next mark, we popped the chute and surfed back up to the finish in the breeze from the storm. Luckily we didn't get rained on, though."

On Sunday, light, patchy air and strong current produced wide differences in finish times throughout the fleet.

In some classes, notably PHRF-B and IMS II, real and corrected time differences among the top finishers were nearly a full hour, although the top six finishers in the MORC class were fairly closely grouped.

"We were second at the windward mark," Jones said, "and then everyone passed us going downwind, because we're the smallest boat in the class. But after they got around themark, the current was so bad and the wind was so light they were only holding their own. People were trying to go in to Love Point to getout of the current, but there was no wind in there."

Jones and his team crossed the line third in their class and corrected to the topof the heap by a comfortable three-minute margin.

Love Pt.-Swan Pt. Cup Regatta results

Saturday, June 1

PHRF A (16 starters): 1) Wings, Richard Taylor, Lutherville, 3:10:43 c.t.; 2) Flying Colors,Robert Michel Jr., Glen Burnie, 3:14:27 c.t.; 3) Bloodshot, Stephen Madeira, Falls Church, Va., 3:27:03 c.t.

PHRF B (12 starters): 1) PollyWanna Cracka?, Larry Kumins, Annapolis, 3:49:50 c.t.; 2) Full Cry, Jerry Czosnowski, Baltimore, 3:58:16 c.t.; 3) Seraph II, David Littlepage, Severna Park, 4:01:43 c.t.

PHRF C (13 starters): 1) Wizard, Les Toeplitz, Pasadena, 3:49:30 c.t.; 2) Cold Duck, Charles and Becky Wright, Columbia, 3:50:20 c.t.; 3) Early Bird, Robert Seidel, BelAir, 3:53:21 c.t.

PHRF N (3 starters): 1) Albar II, Allen Keiser,Baltimore, 3:59:35 c.t.; 2) La Pomme, Tom Apple, Westminster, 4:04:14 c.t.

IMS II (5 starters): 1) Bucentaur, Steve Stunda/Ian Chambers, Annapolis, 1:42:49 c.t.; 2) Sounion, Charles Sullivan, University Park, 2:04:27 c.t.; 3) Wahoo, Henry Fretz, Rock Hall, 2:05:12 c.t.

IMS III (6 starters): 1) The Knife, Mack Latz, Atlantic City, N.J., 1:52:38 c.t.; 2) Windemere, Leif Eareckson, Annapolis, 1:53:20 c.t.; 3) Rampage, Chip Thayer, Wilmington, Del., 2:06:10 c.t.

MORC (9 starters): 1) Shadowfax, Brian Jones, Arnold, 3:27:56 c.t.; 2) Witch's Flower, John Sherwood, Annapolis, 3:30:47 c.t.; 3) Cat's Paw, Butch Minson, Annapolis, 3:33:22 c.t.

Multihull (6 starters): 1) KimberlyAnne, Chris Adams, Chester Springs, Pa., 4.0915 c.t.; 2) Frisky, Margery Ware, Bethesda, 4.1019 c.t.; 3) Trilogy, David Way, Friendship, 4.1691 c.t.

J/30 (17 starters): 1) Big Kahuna, Larry Christy, Crofton, 4:05:32 e.t.; 2) Wooly Bear, Terry Rapp, Beverly, N.J., 4:18:09 e.t.; 3) Sea Biscuit, Dorsey Owings, Millington, 4:19:29 e.t.

Alberg 30 (3 starters): 1) Sundance, William Chambers, Fulton, 4:34:37 e.t.; 2) Incredible, Karl Gerhard, Crofton, 4:36:14 e.t.; 3) Winter's Beat, Lee Leonard, Dayton, 4:36:29 e.t.

Sunday, June 2

PHRF A (15 starters): 1) Flying Colors, Robert Michel Jr., 2:17:33 c.t.; 2) Moving Violation, Samuel Owings, Annapolis, 2:19:42 c.t.; 3) Nighthawk,Wayne Fisher, Lexington Park, 2:26:44 c.t.

PHRF B (12 starters): 1) Full Cry, Jerry Czosnowski, 3:36:28 c.t.; 2) Mischief, Bruce Bingman/Taran Teague, Arlington, Va., 4:29:40 c.t.; 3) PollyWannaCracka?, Larry Kumins, 4:33:28 c.t.

PHRF C (12 starters): 1) Better Knot, John Anderson, Pasadena, 4:34:39 c.t.; 2) L*A*S*S, Andrew Davis, Annapolis, 4:37:54 c.t.; 3) Rebecca, William Paul, Pasadena, 4:40:09 c.t.

PHRF N (2 starters): 1) Albar II, Allen Keiser, 4:06:35 c.t.; 2) La Pomme, Tom Apple, 4:14:57 c.t.

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