It Was Fun, Fun, Fun Till Daddy Took The Honda Prelude Away

June 09, 1991|By Jay Apperson | Jay Apperson,Staff writer

Nicki Lynn Skocich says her father is an Indian giver, and she's willing to go to court to prove it.

It all goes back to the Crofton woman's 16th birthday, when her father, Robert C. Skocich, gave her a 1985 Honda Prelude, according to a suit filed Thursday in county Circuit Court. In the suit, the woman claims her father presented the gift "publicly, in front of many witnesses.

The car was wrapped with a huge ribbon and the (father) made a big presentation out of the gift."

But, according to the suit, therewas one catch: The father said he would sign over the car title to his daughter only when she turned 18. The daughter says Dad reneged onthat deal and, in fact, has demanded the car's return.

Her fatherhas hired a private investigator and used other "devious means" to try to repossess the car, the suit charges.

The daughter says her father is trying to use the car as a "bargaining chip in a domestic case" involving her mother.

Because the father refused to sign over the title, the tags have expired on the car and the daughter can't get insurance -- and therefore can't drive it, the suit claims.

Robert Skocich has an unlisted phone number at his Conway, Pa., home and could not be reached for comment Friday.

Nicki Skocich is asking the court to order her father to pay her for her loss of use of the car and pay for her court costs and legal fees.

She also wants the court to order her father to sign over the title -- and, apparently still distrustful, she's demanding that it be done in court, in front of a judge.

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