Guards rehired at Allegany jail but lose back pay

June 09, 1991

Two Allegany County Jail guards fired after a highly publicized jail break last summer will get their jobs back, but will lose four months of pay and benefits for violating security rules.

Gary Huffman and Michele Puderbaugh appealed their firings and asked for reinstatement with back pay. Allegany County Attorney John J. McMullen Jr. agreed they should be rehired but said each should get a 120-day suspension without pay or benefits.

Mr. Huffman and Ms. Puderbaugh were on duty Aug. 29 when another correctional officer, Sandra Beeman, helped two inmates escape. The jail control room, supposed to be manned and locked at all times, was not secure, and a grille leading to the cells was not locked at the time of the escape, Mr. McMullen said.

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