Two retirements,hiring freeze create athletic void in Arundel

June 07, 1991

A hiring freeze, in effect since last November, is hindering Anne Arundel officials from moving to replace the county's retiring supervisors of physical education and athletics.

Paul Rusko and Jean Boyd both have announced their retirements, effective June 30.

"It's unfortunate that Mr. Rusko and Mrs. Boyd have decided to retire at the same time, at the end of this month," said Dr. Dennis Younger, coordinator of curriculum for Anne Arundel County. "Because of our hiring freeze, we have not been able to advertise to fill their positions. I am hopeful that, within one to two weeks, we at least will be able to advertise those jobs and I expect the whole process will take about two months, until we have someone on the job."

Younger said no one will be in the office of physical education after June 30 until the positions are filled.

"I am hopeful that things will be in order to start the new [scholastic] year [in September]," he said.

Both Rusko and Boyd remain on the job and will continue to make preparations for the 1991-92 school year.

"We're trying to get as much done as possible," said Rusko, "but there still will be plenty to do that usually is taken care of during the summer."

There are other administrative positions soon to be vacant in Baltimore city and county. County officials have yet to name a replacement for Mildred Murray, supervisor of physical education for girls. Murray announced her retirement during the winter. And the city faces the task of replacing Harry Bruce, assistant to Donald Williams, supervisor of interscholastic athletics.

Two retirements, hiring freeze create athletic void in Arundel

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