NL expansion is postponed after too many rumors fly YrB

June 05, 1991

The National League postponed its selection of two expansion cities, which were scheduled to be named next Wednesday.

Today's announcement came at a time when reports said the expansion committee had decided on Miami and Denver as the sites for expansion teams that will begin play in 1993. The league said, however, that the selection will probably be made before its self-imposed September deadline.

Doug Danforth, president of the Pittsburgh Pirates and chairman of the NL expansion committee, said "although the committee has essentially completed their task, the information to be reviewed by the Ownership Committee is extensive and will take more time than anticipated."

A league statement said "no new date has been set, although a determination is expected prior to the September deadline outlined in the original timetable."

Earlier, two newspapers quoted "high-level sources" as saying Miami and Denver were the choices. The finalists for the two teams also include Buffalo, N.Y.; Orlando, Fla.; St. Petersburg, Fla., and Washington, D.C.

The Rocky Mountain News said that word of the decision leaked as the committee began informing NL owners of the choices.

One source close to the commissioner's officer told the Rocky Mountain News that Denver is "the surest thing there is."

But the Miami Herald reported the choice of Denver wasn't as assured as Miami's selection. Asked if Denver was the second city recommended by the committee, the Herald's source was more cautious.

Other "well-placed sources" in the Rocky Mountain News report confirming Denver and Miami as the committee's choices included another person close to the expansion committee, a top NL club executive and an NL general manager.

The Herald reported that a "highly-placed source" said Miami could only lose its chance for a team if Blockbuster Entertainment head H. Wayne Huizenga were to seek to buy a franchise elsewhere or another, established franchise decided to move to Miami.

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