Frank Robinson starts his new duties Monday

June 04, 1991

Former manager Frank Robinson has agreed to become an assistant general manager for the team, the Orioles and Robinson's agent said today.

"We're obviously pleased that Frank will continue to be an important member of the Orioles family," said Roland Hemond, the Orioles' executive vice president and general manager.

Robinson, who was fired May 23, was on vacation and could not be reached for comment. He starts his new job Monday.

Ed Keating, his Cleveland-based agent, said Robinson would take a pay cut.

"I don't want to get into salaries, but obviously he's not going to get paid at the same level he was as a manager," Keating said.

"That's not to say his responsibilities won't be as great. It's simply that the compensation levels for baseball executives for the most part at the assistant general manager level do not match up with those that a major league manager receives."

Robinson's contract stipulated he would become assistant general manager in case he was removed as manager. Negotiations between Robinson and the team focused on defining his duties more than on money, Keating said.

"Basically, we're updating and streamlining the agreement to make it more specific in terms of job description and responsibilities," Keating said.

The Orioles said Robinson will be involved in trades and acquisitions, planning the team's new Camden Yards stadium and Florida training facilities, and other, unspecified duties. He will be a member of a five-man decision-making group consisting of himself, Hemond, president Larry Lucchino, manager John Oates and assistant GM Doug Melvin.

Keating said Robinson preferred to stay with the Orioles, even at a lower salary, than try to get a job with another team.

"I think Frank's goal has always been to stay with Baltimore," Keating said. "He's a pathfinder in terms of reaching new levels or heights for ex-players, and he'd like to be a general manager. What better place to learn than the place he spent a huge part of his baseball career, with the Baltimore Orioles organization? It's familiar and comfortable ground... "

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