Helping Harry learn to speak


June 03, 1991|By Steve McKerrow


* If you had a chance to teach Bigfoot to talk, what words would be best to begin? That's the question kids are being asked to answer in a cute contest launched today (Monday) by the syndicators of the series "Harry and the Hendersons." which airs here at 9:30 a.m. Sundays on WNUV-Channel 54.

Have you seen it? It's a half-hour adaptation by MCA TV of the 1987 movie, boasting the same remarkably believable makeup job for the title character, a deep woods sasquatch who has moved in with a typical American family.

So far in this first season, the hairy hero has learned his name, as well as to say "Ernie," "Mom," "cool" and "bad." Viewers are being asked to suggest the next vocabulary lesson, and the grand prize winner of a July 4 drawing will win a trip to Hollywood.

Suggestions should be on a 3x5 card, sent to: The Latest Word, P.O. Box 559, Sayreville, N.J. 08871. The deadline is June 29.

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