2 Win Essay Contest

June 02, 1991

Benjamin Daniel Cefaratti of Arnold Christian Academy and Kathleen Teresa Blair of St. Jane Frances School, both residents of Anne Arundel County, were honored recently for their winning entries in the Cardin 21st Century Health Award Essay Contest.

The contest was sponsored by Representive Benjamin L. Cardin as part of a recent celebration to recognize The Caring Program's third anniversary.

The event took place at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Maryland's Owings Mills headquarters.

BCBSM Chairman and CEO Carl J. Sardegnawas host.

The Cardin 21st Century Health Award Essay Contest was open to members of the graduating class of the year 2000, children presently in the third grade in schools throughout Central Maryland, tohelp foster a greater awareness of the importance of health care.

Following are the winning essays:


"Why Is It Important

ToGrow Up Healthy"By Benjamin Daniel Cefaratti

(first place)

My dad has always said, "Ben, if you're going to do a job, always do thebest that you can." Staying healthy is one of my biggest jobs. Everyday I have to choose whether I am going to be a good steward of my body.

Because I love my family I want to live until I'm 100 years old.

Eating properly and exercising are the keys to keep my body fit.

Loving and obeying God will keep me mentally and emotionally healthy.

My healthy and positive attitude will help me become a caringand hard working American.


"Why Is Good Health

ImportantTo Me?"

By Kathleen Teresa Blair

(second place)

Good healthis important to me for all these reasons:

First -- I am able to go to school every day and learn good things

Second -- Being in good health lets me think and play better. I like thinking good, so I can be nice to my friends and classmates

Third -- Being healthy keeps me strong, so I can swim. I enjoy competing in swimming.

Last --Good health keeps me out of the doctor's office and the hospital, soI can have more time to play with my friends.

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