Soldier Welcomed Home

Gulf roundup

May 29, 1991

WESTMINSTER — Lt. Michael H. Green was welcomed home from the Persian Gulf over Memorial Day weekend by his parents, Karl and Sue, sister Laura Trefferand a host of relatives and friends.

A member of the 1st Marines Expeditionary Brigade, Green spent eight months in the gulf. His unitreturned to its base in Kaneohe, Hawaii, April 14.

The motor transport unit that Green was a part of aided the movement of the 1st Battalion artillery batteries as they fired shells at Iraqi positions in Kuwait during the early days of Operation Desert Storm. The battalion also conducted artillery raids at Khafji during the ground war before moving to Kuwait International Airport.

The unit cleared Iraqi bunkers during its last week in Kuwait.

Before returning to Kaneohe Marine Corps Base June 7, he will attend a college reunion and visit elementary schools to thank students who wrote him in the gulf.

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