Selby Black Rejoins Council

May 29, 1991|By Mary Gail Hare | Mary Gail Hare,Staff writer

UNION BRIDGE — Residents will see a familiar face at the next Town Council meeting.

After a two-year absence, Selby M. Black will rejoin the council,filling the seat vacated when Perry L. Jones Jr. was elected mayor.

"It will feel like old times," said Black.

The remaining council members voted, 3-1, to give the seat to Black, who served 11 yearsbefore declining to run again in 1989.

"I have stayed in touch with the town and feel that I still have more to give to the community," he said when the council interviewed three possible candidates May 21. "The vacancy came up after Perry won and I decided to apply."

A 57-year-old quality control officer at Legore Quarry in Woodsboro, Frederick County, Black said he was pleased with the appointment, adding he didn't want to run in the May 14 election against incumbents Bret D. Grossnickle and Jeffery Six.

"The people on the council aredoing a good job," he said. "I didn't want to try to take that job away from them."

Under terms of the town charter, when a seat is vacated, the majority of remaining members must elect a replacement. Inaddition to Black, they interviewed former town secretary Antonia H.Eder, and election candidate Edgar C. Wentz, who lost by 92 votes.

They delayed their decision for a week and discussed the candidateswith Six, who was unable toattend the meeting.

Town Clerk Kathleen D. Kreimer announced the decision yesterday, with Grossnickle voting for Eder. The vote will be part of the minutes of the May 21 meeting.

By choosing Black, the council could be one step closer to annexing the 171-acre Phillips property, which could triple the town's population of 966. Black said he favors the request, if the developers meet town requirements.

"Growth is inevitable and it can happen without us," he said. "We have to control it and work with it."

The new mayor will swear in Black, along with Grossnickle and Six, at theJune 24 session.

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