Sykesville Approves Budget Of $687,307

May 29, 1991|By Ellie Baublitz | Ellie Baublitz,Staff writer

SYKESVILLE — After a war of words over how much town businesses should pay for county tipping fees, the Town Council unanimously passed a $687,307 fiscal 1992 budget last night.

Members of the Sykesville Business Association questioned the projection of $20,000 in revenue for trash collection charges and Dumpster rentals.

Town Manager James L. Schumacher assured the SBA representatives that the amount could be amended as needed, and that the $20,000 estimate may have been high.

The fiscal 1992 budget increases the townproperty tax rate 5 cents, from 68 cents to 73 cents per $100 of assessed value.

Town property taxes on a typical $134,000 home will increase $26, to $391. County taxes are an additional $1,260.

"Thisis the first good budget we've had in four years," said Mayor Lloyd R. Helt Jr. "The property tax increase is not easy to accept, but thebudget itself is a good, sound budget."

Projected expenditures of$687,307 for fiscal 1992, which begins July 1, include $10,000 for acontingency fund for emergencies and shortfalls.

"We've been working in various amounts of deficit the last three years," Helt noted. "You need a reserve fund, and I think people understand that."

Helt said he also was pleased with the 4 percent cost-of-living increasefor the town's 12 employees, who will not receive a pay raise.

"We've cut our budget the last three or four years, and we've taken it off the backs of our employees," he said. "I think this is the first (recent) budget that the employees will be pleased with."

Also budgeted is $50,041 for capital projects. Major items on the capital budget include $6,500 toward a new police station, $16,000 for the Oklahoma Road widening and overlay, $9,000 down payment on a utility truck, $5,221 on a tractor with boom mower and $9,000 for police cars.

The town projected revenues at $687,307 (the town is required by state law to submit a balanced budget). Sources include:

* Town taxes -- $227,977, of which $213,877 would come from town property taxes.

* Town fees, rents -- $40,264.

* County revenue -- $99,820, of which $80,220 is from a county grant.

* State revenue -- $267,000, of which $150,000 is expected from state income tax.

* Licenses and permits -- $10,500.

* Other -- $41,746, including a rehabilitation escrow account, community block development grant funds and train station loan principal and interest repayment.

In other business, Helt also appointed department heads and committee chairmen.

Appointed were:

* Councilman Eugene E. Johnson: head of Public Works; Recycling Committee chairman.

* Councilman Walter R. White: head ofPublic Safety; chairman, Facilities Committee.

* Councilman WileyPurkey: head of Town Property, Historic Preservation Commission liaison.

* Councilman Jonathan Herman: head of Planning and Zoning Commission.

* Councilman William R. Hall Jr.: Parks and Recreation Committee chairman.

* Council President Kenneth W. Clark: head of Budget and Personnel, Facilities Committee member.

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