A Magic vote for RileyPat Riley as Knicks head coach...

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May 27, 1991

A Magic vote for Riley

Pat Riley as Knicks head coach? Magic Johnson says it would be great for New York if he accepts the club's offer.

"He can have an effect," Johnson said.

"He'll set the tone early, because one thing he doesn't [fool around] with is discipline. You're going to have to give 125 percent. If you don't, then you'll be sitting or you'll be out of there. You can't expect a championship next year, but he's going to have an effect.

"He wants to be there. There are only two places he wants to coach, and that's with the Knicks and the Lakers. He wants to revitalize the Knicks. One thing he can do, if you're losing, you can be exciting. He's going to bring that running game back. There won't be any walk-it-up."

The quote

The Raleigh-Durham Skyhawks' Marvin Hargrove, reflecting on his team's 0-10 record: "But we've got great uniforms."

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