Coaches' predictions

May 27, 1991|By Mike Preston

* Bill Tierney, Princeton: "I like Carolina because of their speed. Towson has players just as big and as athletic, but North Carolina's speed will be too much of a factor."

* Dave Cottle, Loyola: "I'm picking North Carolina. Towson has a strong midfield, but North Carolina has the strongest midfield in the country. North Carolina also plays great defense; they mix it and slide well."

* Tony Seaman, Johns Hopkins -- "Towson State is riding high, but North Carolina has too much depth at midfield. Tar Heels midfielder Jim Buczek is the fastest midfielder in lacrosse, and North Carolina has 10 or 11 other middies that can run with him. They just keep coming at you. If Towson can get a lead and zone, they can make it close. But North Carolina is a better team. I think North Carolina will win."

* Tom Hayes, Rutgers: "It's pick 'em time. Anything can happen in a one-game setting. Obviously, North Carolina has more depth and overall team speed, and the Tar Heels should get the nod. But Towson has some great athletes, and if they can get a lead and slow it down, they can pull this off. Remember, they have already beaten three teams that were supposed to beat them."

* Roy Simmons Jr., Syracuse: "North Carolina hustles for every ground ball, and they have a lot of depth at midfield. They are playing very well, and they're going to be tough to beat on Monday."

* Dick Edell, Maryland: "I've probably seen North Carolina more than anybody else. They play a lot of people and have more depth than Towson has. They also have a lot of experience and been through a similar tournament like this when they won the ACC title. North Carolina hasn't played their best game yet."

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