Apple introduces new LaserWriter LS


May 27, 1991|By Rory J. O'Connor | Rory J. O'Connor,Knight-Ridder News Service

Macintosh owners used to have to choose between expensive, PostScript-equipped laser printers and far cheaper -- and lower-resolution -- ImageWriter dot-matrix printers.

That's no longer the case.

Apple Computer's Personal LaserWriter LS, introduced in March, is the first laser printer from Apple that doesn't use the PostScript printer language. Instead, it relies on QuickDraw, the built-in drawing language of every Macintosh. It still provides high-resolution printing of type but uses an Apple type font technology called TrueType instead of the PostScript fonts.

The printer has a list price of $1,299, works only on Macs, and unlike most other Apple laser printers, can't be shared on a network.

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