Madd Salutes Judge

Readers write

May 26, 1991

From: Mary MacKnight

Coordinator, MADD of Harford County

To: Judge Stephen M. Waldron

Harford County Circuit Court

Mothers Against Drunk Driving of Harford County salutes you for your outstanding judgment recently in the sentencing of a 19-year-old man for the death of a 17-year-old girl last July.

Although the young man was only 18 at the time of the crash, he was responsible for the death of this girl, as a result of drinking and driving.

I am sure that the young man or his family did not expect that he would receivea five-year jail sentence, with three years suspended, nor did they expect all the other conditions relating to his (sentence, such as) fines, rehabilitation, probation and community service work that he received.

As you stated, no one is a winner in this case, because one family lost a beautiful young daughter forever, and the other family watches as their young son was led off to prison.

But it is timethat the judgment equals the crime, as drinking and driving is a very serious crime. Far too many people are killed or severely injured as a result of people thinking that they are perfectly capable to drive after consuming alcoholic beverages. It shows a total disrespect for the dignity of human life, and they must be responsible for their actions.

Drinking and driving violations have always been considered as socially acceptable, and therefore, sentencing has been very light.

We commend you for your conviction in the sentencing in this case, and we are very grateful that we have a judge of your integrity in Harford County. Drunken-driving offenders will soon find that theywill not get off so easy in your court.

Hopefully, some of our other judges in Harford County will soon be as just and positive as youare in dealing with the daily drunken-driving offender cases.

Your honor, you have MADD of Harford County's deepest respect and admiration for your ruling.

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