Bay Chart Book Has New Look


Adc Edition Has Improved Binding, Complete Navigational Data

May 26, 1991|By Capt. Bob Spore

The map folks at ADC of Alexandria, Va., have their new Chesapeake Bay chart book out, and I believe that makes them the first organization other than NOAA to have all the new buoys in the right locations.

I talked to National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration representatives at the Baltimore Boat Show in February, and at that time they had one more chart to complete to finish the Chesapeake Bay series.

Companies who market chart books usually reproduce NOAA charts ina more usable format. A 3-foot by 4-foot map is nice for the wall, but almost useless in a small boat when the wind's blowing.

In response to consumer requests, this edition contains three new features.

* An improved Wire-O binding, which allows it to open flat, makingit more convenient to use.

* A four-color species chart will provide immediate identification for 34 types of fish found in the bay.

* A marine facilities listing of 436 entries that has valuable information for fuel, in/out service, repairs, lodging, meals, harborage,rentals and much, much more.

These additions, combined with theircoverage of tributaries, Loran-C X + Y LOPs headings and courses, a one-minute latitude and longitude grid, comprehensive index and the most complete andupdated navigational information available make this the best Chesapeake Bay chart book.

As with previous editions, thechart book is printed on durable, tear-resistant waterproof polymer plastic, making it a good value.

The chart book retails for $34.95, but you can do better if you shop around. I've used their charts for years and years. They do a good job. For more information about their product, call ADC at 1-800-232-6277.


For those who have asked, yes, that is a new picture of me snuggled in among the words andnot some giant groundhog coming out of a hole.

I do take the veryworst picture. The snapshot may be new, but the props remain the same.

The hat is a World Famous Tilley from Tilley Endurables. I believe I hold the record for wearing out three of Alex Tilley's hats. They are guaranteed: You wear it out and he replaces it.

The pipe isa Costello GG65 Sea Rock, my first Costello and one of my first high-grade smoking pipes.


Torrey C. Brown, state Department of Natural Resources chief, announced that the Governor's Youth Fishing Derby is scheduled for Saturday, June 8.

The derby's theme is "Hooked on Fishing, Not On Drugs," and promises to be an educational, fun fishing day for those 6 to 16 and their families, Brown said. "We're looking forward to another fine event for youth this year since last year's derby drew over 3,000 youth statewide."

Individual registration is $2 and free fishing caps, goodie bags and prizes will be offered to participants at each of the 18 derby sites. A limited number offree fishing rods will also be available at each location. Grand prizes will include an IBM computer, a trip to Florida and chartered fishing trips.

The derby is being produced by the state and the Maryland Recreation and Parks Association. Sponsors of the event include WJZ-TV, Crown Central Petroleum Corp. and the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

The county has two registration sites, Sandy Point State Park, 974-3765, and Lake Waterford Park, 222-3600.

To be safe, sign up beforeJune 8. Following is a listing of Anne Arundel County sites and local phone numbers to call to register for the derby. Youth groups will again be offered free bus transportation.


Bluefish are coming! As of Thursday they were caught off Punch Island, near the Calvert Cliffs power plant. They could be here by midweek, even earlier if they tried a bit. Black drum were caught on Thursday near Tilghman Island.

No word yet on the fall rockfish seasons. One rumor going around says we will hear something Tuesday or Wednesday.

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