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May 26, 1991


Editor: Thank you for your article on vegetarianism (March 10). . . . The only two "detractors" mentioned in the article were physicians. I wonder if either is a vegetarian, and/or how many vegetarian patients they have actually seen in order to derive their objections. My guess is that some ordinary citizens who are vegetarians could offer them some education.

The term "vegetarian" is derived from the Latin word "vegetus," meaning active, or vigor. As Americans discover the benefits of this way of eating, and overcome the specious objections of those who claim to know better, they will promote it and embrace it with a vigor that is badly needed.

James A. Craner, M.D.

Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine

Providence, R.I. Editor: How can Janice Baker review a restaurant when it is obvious she has not "done her homework"? Her Dining Out column of March 17 on Aldo's in Fallston confirms this.

In choosing an appetizer she stated, "We skipped what didn't seem Italian -- mozzarella sticks, buffalo wings and escargot." Where does she think mozzarella cheese comes from? Also, Italians have been eating escargots since time began.

It appears that her reviews are started before she enters the restaurant.

Dottie Hastings



Editor: Enjoyed "Drilled for Success" [April 7] by A. M. Chaplin. Have always wanted to know more about these schools!

Ben Hansen


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