Around the house* Recycle frozen food trays and use as pet...


May 25, 1991|By Dolly Merritt qHB

Around the house

* Recycle frozen food trays and use as pet dishes. Compartments separate snacks, water and entree for your dog or cat to eat or drink whenever it chooses.

* Prevent cast-iron skillet from rusting. Place a coffee filter or paper towel inside pan to absorb excess moisture when storing.

* Store children's outdoor toys in 30-gallon garbage containers. Label contents on top of each lid and keep container close to the play area in your yard.

* Soak soiled white clothing in hot water and dishwasher detergent for a few hours to restore brightness. Launder as usual.

* Remove ashes from fireplace without spreading soot. Dampen ashes by spraying with a mist of water; scoop ashes into a box lined with damp newspapers; cover with a layer of wet newspapers before removing from house.

In the garden

* Fertilize plants and write the date on the fertilizer container so you will remember to feed flower beds, lawns and shrubs at the correct time.

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