Peace in the Middle East

May 23, 1991|By Al-Jazira

RIYADH, SAUDI ARABIA — WASHINGTON and Moscow should relentlessly continue their

joint peace efforts regardless of any difficulties created by Israel. Efforts to find a suitable formula to settle the Middle East crisis have entered into a stage which could be described as more than serious. These efforts have gained additional momentum by the entry of the Soviet Union into the arena of the search for a peaceful solution. . . .

Washington and Moscow, who are responsible for peace and security in the world, should not slacken their peace attempts. They should convince or compel Israel to recognize the rights of the Palestinian people and to leave the land in lieu of peace.

Nothing is as important for the region as peace and stability. Israel itself is in a dire need for peace. As long as Israel continues to hold the occupied Arab lands and to refuse to recognize the rights of the Palestinian people to self-determination and statehood, it will never enjoy peace. Its arsenal of weapons and troops will not do it any good.

If Israel believes that the Arabs will not fight for their rights then it is mistaken and disillusioned. It is true that the Arabs do not want war and destruction but if war is the only way to regain the usurped land and the inalienable rights, then a time will come when the Arabs will wage a war of Jihad, honor and dignity.

Washington, Moscow, Europe and the peace-loving countries should avail themselves of this historic opportunity in which Arabs are -- collectively -- extending their hand for peace. Israel should also avail itself of this chance to avoid the other option which is war.

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