Report on future is elitist shamAlthough "Baltimore and...

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May 23, 1991

Report on future is elitist sham

Although "Baltimore and Beyond" (Sunday Sun, May 5) presents some interesting challenges and informational gimmicks, it is seriously flawed in several primary ways.

First, when analyzing Baltimore's problems, how could any competent and impartial social scientist fail to mention (much less not put it at the top of the list) the fact that the federal government has in the last decade drastically cut the amount of our tax dollars returned to our states and cities in favor of financing a glutinous military-industrial complex and the debt created by it and now the bail-out of the S&L and banking industries?

One of the most dramatic efforts to organize Baltimoreans to demand a reordering of national spending priorities the Jobs With Peace effort to have the city government organize a mass march on Washington to dramatize such demands is ignored in the report.

Second, to list four reasons for middle-class flight from Baltimore without including outrageously high auto insurance rates raises the question of duplicity on the part of the professionals paid by the Abell Foundation to do the job.

It is hardly possible that these social scientists, interviewing more than 72 citizens, didn't know that the City-Wide Insurance Coalition representing the largest grass-roots coalition ever to exist in Baltimore (139 dues-paying organizations at last count) is well on its way to creating a publicly owned, community, non-profit corporation which is expected to save Baltimoreans and Marylanders an average of 25 percent of auto and other insurance premiums. That's an average savings for city dwellers of over $300 per car, per year!

Although the report gives lip service to encouraging community involvement and "people power needed to force action," it, in cold fact, smothers in silence real live efforts to do just that!

Third, the Abell team neglected to interview a single trade union or local community organization leader!

The report is nothing more than an elitist sham.

A. Robert Kaufman


Honor veterans

I think the time has come for the governor of Maryland to come forth with a name for our new stadium. The fact the old

stadium on 33rd Street is a memorial to our veterans of previous wars and that we now have the "Desert Storm" veterans should '' mandate that the new stadium bear the name "Memorial Stadium." Something like the "Maryland Memorial Stadium" or the "Veterans Memorial Stadium" would be appropriate.

I feel strongly enough about this to suggest that the American Legion, the Disabled Veterans, the V.F.W., the Catholic War Veterans, the Korean and Vietnam veterans, the American Ex-POW and the "Desert Storm" veterans, their families and their friends all boycott the new stadium if a name is picked such as the so-called sports writer for The Evening Sun suggested.

Alfred Feher


Bode is missed

I was so glad to see Bradford Jacobs' letter in The Evening Sun (April 24) concerning the retirement of Carl Bode. I, like Mr. Jacobs, will sorely miss the delightful columns penned by Dr. Bode, whose articulate prose was a joy to anticipate and a delight to read. Scholar, teacher, wit, poet and entertainer are poor words to describe this gentle man, and we, the readers, are the losers as he retires. Let us hope he will send in a column or two, from time to time, from the far reaches of the Eastern Shore.

Maud Dulany Jones

Owings Mills

Voter apathy

Tina Ruby asks, in "Policy disaster" (Forum, May 16): Why are women on welfare given more money as they have more babies? A good question. It brought to mind other questions that could use answers:

Why, when a customer uses more gas or electricity, does the cost per unit decrease? Does this promote conservation?

Why are politicians who spout conservation borne in the biggest cars, and/or the largest aircraft?

Why are first offenders told to "be a good boy" and let off? This is education at its dismal worst. What is learned?

Answer to all the above: People don't care. They are disgusted. They even refuse to vote.

Look out! There may be a charming dictator coming down the road.

harles Johnson


Trade with Mexico

Before we sign a free trade agreement, Uncle Sam should insist that Mexico improve its environment. The Rio Grande is full of toxic waste; Mexico needs stricter health and safety regulations.

If this business deal goes through, it will reduce the number of illegal aliens as the Mexican economy improves. Free trade is necessary in order to stimulate economic growth for both nations.

President Bush has promised to retrain workers who may be affected by the agreement. But it is imperative to improve our system of education. This would prepare our students for future jobs that require so much skill. We have to rely on science and technology. U.S. workers cannot compete with cheap foreign labor.

Joseph Lerner


Dealing with crime

In reference to your April 16 editorial, "Bulging prisons," California is going to start putting to death the 300 people now on death row.

You completed the editorial with, "Prisons don't end crime." But for these 300, they did!

If I were a judge, I would put all the drug dealers on an island and let them do what they do best, get rid of each other.

Tom Jory


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