Tech Deserves Support


May 22, 1991

From: Louise M. Pascal

Ellicott City

To: County Exec. Charles Ecker

I am writing to you to encourage you to restore vital funds to the Howard County Board of Education budget.

The funds I refer to are those funds to maintain the contribution of the School of Technology to the students of Howard County.

The Board of Education has a responsibility to meet the needs of all the students within its system.

The School of Technology provides the opportunity for young men and women to develop skills and a marketable trade applicable for a lifetime. The educational benefits of the programs at this school are those that all students within the system could profit from.

Unfortunately, many people within our community are of the opinion that only college prep, gifted and talented programs should be supported. Not every student is college-bound; and even if they are, I would like to see all high school students in Howard County be expected to participate at the School of Technology for one semester of high school.

At this time of recession, the emphasis should be strongly placed on trade skills.

I am asking you to restore funds that will enable all programs at the school to be maintained at their present level.

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