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'Q's And A's' Cover Gamut, From Playoff Plans To Author's New Look

May 22, 1991|By Pat O'Malley

As usual, I've got a bunch of "Q's & A's," thanks to you guys ringing the 24-hour Sportsline, 647-2499, off the hook the last week.

The most commonly asked question without answer concerns my new photo, but because this is a family column, I can't repeat many of those "Q's" and remarks.

Where in the hell did they get that picture? Who inflated you, Pat? are a couple that I can repeat, but the others were not in good taste. They compared me to a few robust sports types you and I both know, and they were insults.

What do you think of my new photo?

* Did you know the school board shot down the proposal to lift the grade-point average requirement to play athletics from 1.66 to a 2.00 at a Monday night meeting?

Was that good or bad?

If you thought itwas a good idea because it would motivate student-athletes to do better, then great, but if it was being done solely to prepare kids for college, then maybe more research needs to be done.

First of all, if the 2.0 ever became law, would it be just for an athlete's particular sports season and not the rest of the year?

And if the purposeof athletics is to get students into college, possibly via scholarships, do you realize that 2.00 must be in core subjects (English, math, science and language, not the gravy stuff)?

Would the athletic requirement then be a straight 2.0 no matter what courses the student is taking, or would it be a strict 2.0 in the core subjects?

Theseare very important issues that need to be explored.

What about the special-ed student who wants to be a plumber, wants to play high school basketball or baseball but can't get a 2.0 or even a 1.6? Do we lose him?

And here is a really big "Q" -- should student-athlete requirements be left solely up to the individual family?

Is there really a good answer?

* Did you know that seven of the eight Annapolis High basketball players graduating this June have 2.00 grade-point averages in the core subjects?

Also, are you aware that the 1984-1985 Annapolis hoops team, which had several players who got into trouble with the law after graduating, had three players who received scholarships and a total of eight who at least started in college?

The late James Butler had a full ride to Virginia Union, but only stayed three days. Steve Foley went to a junior college and later received a hoops scholarship to Loyola College in Baltimore and graduated.Howard Stevens got financial aid to play at Knoxville College in Tennessee.

Also, Mark Wiggins was appointed to the U.S. Naval Academy and made it.

And the others who at least started college off that team were David Chapman, Marvin Hayes and Pete Gough, Anne Arundel Community College, and Reno Green, Bowie State.

And how's this foran eye-popping statistic -- 70 out of 91 (77 percent) through last year who have graduated from Annapolis after playing basketball for Coach John Brady have been admitted to a college and only two players in his 14-year tenure ever have been academically ineligible, none in their senior year?

* Wasn't it well-said by North County High Principal Bill Wentworth about the girls lacrosse coaches leaving his school's spectacular senior, Stephanie Meyer, off the All-County coachesfirst team for no good reason, "The facts speak for themselves. Whatelse could Stephanie have done?" She was the premier scorer in the county.

As for Sunday's "Sidelines" column that quoted North Countycoach Tom Taylor saying, "It's the men coaches vs. the women's coaches, and they don't like me one bit," Chesapeake coach Jim Buchan added on the Sportsline, "My assistant coach, Jerry Raab, agreed with me that it was kind of ridiculous that Meyer was not first team, but it should not be perceived that it's the men coaches against the women coaches."

Wasn't it classy of Buchan to dish out the accolades for Severna Park after the Falcons defeated his Cougars in the state 4A-3A championship, 9-5, Saturday by saying, "Their team and coaching staff deserves a lot of credit"?

Also, wasn't Buchan right on when hesaid, "Losing the state championship game should in no way diminish the season (14-1, including a 17-16 overtime win over Severna Park inregular season) our girls had"?

* What veteran local track coach (hint: from Old Mill) admitted to spending $30 on a T-shirt with a Georgia Tech insignia on it "to impress Bobby Ross' daughter Saturday at Annapolis High at the Region IV track meet"? Teresa Ross' father isBobby Ross, Georgia Tech's head football coach, and she coaches Annapolis' girls basketball team.

* Didn't Severna Park High make an excellent choice in naming Mark Budzinski (soccer and baseball player)its Male Athlete of the Year? Did you know that the impressive Budzinski, whose 3.45 GPA and participation in two varsity sports helped earn him a spot on The Anne Arundel County Sun's All-County Academic Athletic Team, is headed for the University of Richmond?

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