York For School Board

Readers write

May 22, 1991

From: Violet Cosgrove


Anne Arundel County

Association for Children

with Learning Disabilities

The Anne Arundel County Association for Children withLearning Disabilities (ACLD) has participated in the school board nominating convention for years.

This county has never had a candidate for the school board with the background, training and expertise of Maureen Carr York.

To have someone with her knowledge, abilities, training and devotion to children be interested and willing to serve on the Anne Arundel County school board is a fantastic opportunity that should not be missed by you or by Gov. Schaefer.

We strongly urge you to follow the school board nominating convention decision. Please recommend to Gov. William Donald Schaefer that Maureen Carr York, who was by far the overwhelming choice of the convention, be appointed to the Anne ArundelCounty school board.

Not only will this county benefit from her abilities, talent and interest in the proper education of all our children, but the parents and most of all the children will benefit.

Thank you for your consideration in this manner.

Editor's note: This letter was addressed to County Executive Robert R. Neall.


From: Edward M. McDaniel

Severna Park

They're baaaaack!!! We've had six months of peace andquiet since the November elections, but now that small coalition of homeowners associations that oppose completion of East West Boulevardhas returned from the dead.

They have gussied themselves up with formal bylaws, officers with titles and the high-falutin' name of the"Millersville/Severn Run Federation." As reported in The Anne Arundel County Sun, they have managed somehow to find it sinister that the county is using properly approved funds to purchase land for East West Boulevard and not let the owner build a house in the road's probable path. How can they be upset that our elected officials are actuallytrying to carry out their campaign promises?

We saw enough of thecoalition's half-truths, distortions and twisting of the facts priorto the election. These tactics obviously completely failed them in getting their slate of candidates elected. It is time to stand aside and yield to the will of the majority. If they cannot do this, could they at least be straightforward and oppose the road honestly and directly?


From: Kathleen DeGrange

Glen Burnie

In the past month, I have been involved in two "beautification programs" in our community.

April 29th marked the day the Citizens' Advisory Committee, Key Club, administration and custodians of Glen Burnie High School lent their powerful and caring hands to landscape the large planter boxes adjacent to the auditorium building and KeutheRoad parking lot. (Their work) pleases the eye of everyone (and there are many) who uses this entrance to our campus and provides a wonderful backdrop for picture-taking by proud parents of our graduating seniors.

On May 11th, the community once again joined together to render back-breaking energy to clean up, enhance, and shout to the world: "The Glen Burnie Health Center lives!"

The Glen Burnie Methodist Men, Kiwanis Club, Civitan Club, and once again, the Glen Burnie High School Key Club worked most of the day, raking, edging, pruning, planting, and even washing windows to help make our community health center a more welcoming place. Special thanks to Charles Brenton, whose expertise provided us with a wonderful landscaping scheme.

I don't have to look very far to see all those "heroes" in my community. My heroes are everywhere. They are those who lend their time, their treasure, their talent to make our home town a better place to be.

Together we make Glen Burnie more beautiful!


From: Dennis Stevens


Airport Coordinating Team

The Airport Coordinating Team notes with concern that the Federal Aviation Administration, the Maryland Aviation Administration and Gov. (William Donald) Schaefer have totally funded the expansion of the general aviation runway at BWI Airport but cannot somehow find sufficient funding to totally pay for the air-conditioning component of the sound-attenuation for two public schools located in the airport noise zone.

It seems that the state and federal officials would rather take funds away from educational needs in public schools and spend them on a project for which the Maryland Aviation Administration is directly responsible and the causative agent behind.

Gov. Schaefer, weask you to sign HB 755.

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