Wardrobe basics go glamorous Classics with a twist

May 22, 1991|By Genevieve Buck | Genevieve Buck,Chicago Tribune

Wearing a plain white T-shirt that has pearl-covered sleeves is somewhat akin to Linus carrying a security blanket trimmed with silver fringe.

Each adds up to one part comfy and familiar plus one part new, fun, adventuresome. That's the recipe for clothes that are expected to be fashion's hot items for the hot months ahead: They're classics with a twist basics that we know and love that have been updated by way of color, pattern, texture or simply a surprise.

Take the T-shirt with pearls, for example. T-shirts be they Fruit of the Loom, Brooks Brothers undershirts or Donna Karan bodysuits have become the most ubiquitous of wearing apparel. And pearls fake or the real thing are the most classic of all types of jewelry. It's when you put the two together that you come up with a quirky yet easy-to-take fashion item.

Or, it's taking a great white shirt and making it greater by oversizing it and teaming it with something in stretch, certainly the fabric of the '90s. It's making a jeans skirt in vinyl rather than denim; it's printing denim with colorful flowers; it's taking a bra that looks like underwear and making it in old-fashioned gingham rather than skin-toned nylon tricot.

It's this juxtaposition that's adding interest to the casual separates that a lot of women will live in once summer kicks off.

Saks Fifth Avenue's fashion director Nena Ivon claims such offbeat classics will be popular because "they offer the security of a true love while still making a fun fashion statement."

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