That pale vampire makeup is being seen in daylight

May 22, 1991|By Carrie Donovan | Carrie Donovan,N.Y. Times News Service

One would suppose most women would want to look healthy and natural as summer approaches, so it is odd that vampire-style makeup is catching on just now. But fashion often has no rhyme or reason. Even Madonna is wearing her version of it.

For those who would sink their teeth into the vampire look, the mouth is the place to start. Pass by the lipsticks in reds, pinks, corals and oranges. Go straight for those with a purply, brownish cast. They may have names like Sepia or Blackberry, but their coloration should more closely resemble that of fresh liver or dried blood.

Next, get out the black eyeliner. Draw a rim around each eye and carry the line out a bit at the outside corners. (You can smudge the line if you find the effect too startling.)

The eyebrows should be thin but shapely, and arched slightly. If necessary, darken them. Leave off any trace of rouge or blusher and work toward achieving a matte finish for the rest of your face.

If this is well done, it isn't ghoulish, just interesting. The vampire look is best on brunettes, but blondes seem to be falling for it as well. On them, it is even more arresting. To achieve a slightly more sprightly variation, keep the eye treatment blurry and soft, and the lipstick glossy.

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