New Hampshire's signal

May 20, 1991

When New Hampshire, a conservative, Republican-dominated state, takes the lead on a controversial issue, it's worth taking note. Last week, the state's lawmakers approved a resolution volunteering their state as a testing ground for RU-486, the French drug that has been termed an "abortion pill" because it prevents a fertilized egg from implanting in the womb. With RU-486, ending a pregnancy can be almost as simple as taking an aspirin. The pill is seen as a grave threat by abortion opponents, and they have convinced the French manufacturer of the drug that trying to market it in this country would result in JTC boycotts and other political troubles to the manufacturer)

Like any drug, RU-486 has multiple uses, and it has shown promise in the treatment of cancer and other diseases. But because of abortion politics, the FDA has banned importation of the drug for research. That has proved too much for New Hampshire, and the resolution last week was the legislature's way of affirming that individual rights should take precedence over politics.

We suspect most Americans would agree.

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