Should Murphy Brown tie the knot?


May 20, 1991|By Steve McKerrow


* To wed or not to wed? We're talking about "Murphy Brown," of course, for that seems to be the burning question of tonight's season finale (at 9, Channel 11).

Murphy (Candice Bergen) apparently will take all summer to decide not only whether but who, torn between suitors Jerry (Jay Thomas) and Jake (Robin Thomas).

Media Monitor wants to hear some marital advice from readers. Specifically, should TV's thorniest lady hitch herself to a man? (TV Guide this week asked a bunch of so-so celebrities the same question, but what do they know compared to loyal column readers?)

The view from here is that Murphy is much more interesting as a single, so we'd also like to pose this question: Can anyone remember a series where a leading female character got married (or at least deeply involved with a guy) and the show was better as a result?

Many people, for example, think the eighth episode marriage on "Rhoda" (Valerie Harper and David Groh) killed interest in the show, and even their third season divorce couldn't save it. And what about "Kate and Allie" or "One Day At a Time?"

The question of whether or when to resolve the romantic tension between characters, of course, has long been a thorny one for script writers. Among other shows, it is still current on "Who's the Boss," "Anything But Love" and once again on the post-Diane "Cheers."

Send your comments to: Media Monitor/Steve McKerrow, The Evening Sun, 501 N. Calvert St., Baltimore 21278, or fax answers to 332-6666. A future column will explore the responses.

* Have you found The Travel Channel on Baltimore City's cable system? It's recently been added on United Artist Cable, sharing time on channel 38 with the premium Playboy At Night service. Catch it weekdays or all day on weekends.

For armchair travelers or those looking for vacation destinations to consider, the service offers a wide variety of shows. Especially interesting is "American Road Trips" (at 10:30 a.m. and 8 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays), in which ABC correspondent Steve Fox weekly narrates a driving tour.

* Did you notice an error in Media Monitor's reference last week to the curious casting of Kelsey Grammer (Frasier on "Cheers") as a lawn mower salesman in a current TV ad campaign?

The item said the actor had been in legal trouble for tax problems when, in fact, his off-screen difficulties have involved problems with cocaine and alcohol abuse.

* Are you a Chesapeake Bay sailor who is following the challenge series leading to the 1992 America's Cup defense? Note that the next edition of cable service ESPN's excellent series, "America's Cup '92: Setting Sail for San Diego," is at 8 tonight.

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