Which Chip?

May 20, 1991

There are now seven or more "flavors" of microprocessors to choose among when buying an IBM-compatible computer. Which is right for you?

* 80286. Intel's old chip. It's cheap, but weak. Can't run popular software like Windows.

* 80386SX. If you play games, type letters and balance the budget, this chip provides enough power. Made by Intel and rival Advanced Micro Devices Inc.

* 80386DX. More powerful version of the 386 chip. Makes processing of information faster. Made by Intel or AMD.

* 80486SX. For people who often run complicated graphics or huge spreadsheets. Intel's affordable 486 chip.

* 80486DX For "hardware hogs." This Intel chip processes information faster but also is very expensive.

* Intel's 386SL chip and AMD's 386DXL and 386SXL. Built to use less power than ordinary 386 chips. Ideal for use in a lap-top or notebook computer.

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