Mets owners deny report that team is for sale rHC

May 19, 1991

New York Mets president Fred Wilpon yesterday denied a broadcast report that the club is for sale.

Fox Entertainment News, based in Los Angeles, reported late Friday night that Wilpon and Nelson Doubleday, co-owners of the team, had asked a holding company to accept bids for the team.

Fox did not cite its source and said the minimum bid being sought by the holding company, which it said is based in Buffalo, N.Y., was $250 million. The report did not identify the holding company or give further details, Fox spokeswoman Jill Tsukamoto said.

Wilpon said no bids are being asked for.

Deputy commissioner Steve Greenberg also said he had not heard about the Mets being put up for sale.

"I'm pretty sure we would have heard something about that," Greenberg said.

The Mets are owned by Sterling Doubleday Enterprises LP, a company half-owned by Wilpon, 54, and half-owned by Doubleday, 57.

* PHILLIES: Lenny Dykstra says the auto accident in which he and teammate Darren Daulton could have been killed won't change his personality but has cured him of drinking and driving.

"Obviously in my future I won't drink and drive," he said. "Once you get behind that wheel, it's too late. My personality won't change. The way I approach things in life won't change. The way I play baseball sure won't change.

Dykstra crashed his $91,000 Mercedes into trees about 1 a.m. May 6 in suburban Radnor while returning from a bachelor party for teammate John Kruk. Police have charged Dykstra with driving under the influence of alcohol.

* BROADCAST NEWS: Pete Rose made his debut as a television sports anchor Friday, handling the 11 p.m. newscast on WLWT in Cincinnati.

Rose recapped the Reds' 7-3 victory over the San Diego Padres and the National Basketball Association and National Hockey League playoffs.

As the show ended, Rose made a gesture as if to wipe sweat off his forehead.

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