Name: Dorothy A. BroadfootHonored by The Carroll County...

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May 19, 1991

Name: Dorothy A. Broadfoot

Honored by The Carroll County Sun,for:Becoming the new coordinator for Seniors in Action, a group sponsored by the Carroll County Department of Parks and Recreation

Age: 61

Residence; hometown: Finksburg; Schuylkill County, Pa.

Education: Graduate of Pottsville High School; completed various courses and workshops on management and teleconferencing

Family: Married to Olin Broadfoot; four grown children and three grandchildren

Place of worship: Trinity Lutheran Church in Reisterstown

Activities/hobbies: Avid reader; loves to travel; walks for exercise; gardens for pleasure

Accomplishments: A 38-year career in federal andstate government. In the 1950s, she assigned housing and worked in the Chemical Warfare Labs at the Army Chemical Center in Harford County; trained and assigned volunteers and worked in public relations andother fields for Rosewood Center in Owings Mills and the now-closedHenryton Center in Sykesville, both state institutions for mentally retarded people; worked 15 years before retiring from Maryland Public Television, where she assisted a statewide study of telecommunications and acted as site facilitator for teleconferences.

Recipient'scomments: "What we hope to do is be able to have a large enough budget to fund the various programs the Department of Aging (and other groups) ask us to do. There's a great need for seniors to be active. I was retired about a year when I began to feel, gee, there was no great interest in life. I was sleeping later. I felt I had to get involved in something. So this gives me an opportunity to stay in touch withgovernment offices and work with senior programs in an administrative capacity. You can only take the bus trips and go shopping so long. A lot of seniors think they're too young to join a senior program. Weare particularly interested in the active senior. It's a good idea to get working on something before you get into a slump."

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