Joby's Fine Overturned

May 19, 1991

A Carroll County judge ruled that Joby's Social Club in Union Bridgedoes not have to pay a $250 fine imposed by the county liquor board in January.

Circuit Court Judge Francis M. Arnold ruled May 1 thatthe liquor board's decision was "arbitrary, unreasonable and not supported by substantial evidence."

The board had charged club owners after board administrator J. Ronald Lau said he saw people in Joby's drinking beer after hours on Nov. 11.

The judge ruled that Lau did not check to see what kind of beer the people were drinking. Joby's serves non-alcoholic beer. Arnold said the board did not have evidence that alcohol was consumed after hours.

Joby's has been closed since May 1 because the owners, William F. Dixon and Larry C. Smith, both of Westminster, did not renew the liquor license when it expired April 30.

The county charges $1,500 to renew a liquor license for a year, Lau said. To apply for alicense, the county charges $150, plus the $1,500 fee if the licenseis granted, he said.

The board ruled Tuesday Dixon and Smith would have to reapply for another license.

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