Spate Of 300 Games In County Makes It Look Easy, But It's Not


Brunswick Columbia League Sees Success

May 19, 1991|By Donald G. Vitek

During a recent week, professional bowlers threw 23 perfect games --makes it sound as if it's easy to throw a 300 game.

Don't believeit.

Most of the 70 million people who bowl every year in the United States will never have a perfect game.

To attain that milestone in the average bowler's life takes a combination of skill and luck, of lane conditions and the right equipment at the right time in the rightplace.

Just recently four perfect games were posted in Howard County, one at Brunswick Normandy and three at Brunswick Columbia.

John Crooks, bowling in the Wednesday SSA league on April 24, threw a terrible first game at 135. But he made an adjustment and came back with that perfect 300 game.

Crooks, employed by the U.S. Health CareFinancial Administration, has been bowling for about 10 years, carries a 172 average and bowls in a single league at Brunswick Normandy.

"I only bowl once a week," he said. "But I look forward to it every week. The camaraderie among bowlers is just great."


If you'd like to stack the odds in your favor for throwing that 300 game, try joining the Wednesday Men's Handicap league at Brunswick Columbia.

Since the fall/winter season started, there have been three 300 games in that league -- and none in all the other leagues at the Columbia center.

Larry Roberts, a newscaster for WBAL, threw his 300 game on Oct. 10, 1990, to open his series and finished with games of 222and 224 for a great 746 set.

That was below his career-high series of 785, but then, a 785 series is extremely high.

Roberts, who bowls in three or four 700 Club tournaments each year, is in the Wednesday night league, where he carries an average well over 200.

On March 6, in that same Wednesday night league, Stuart McDonald of Annapolis Junction started out slowly with a 184 game.

But in his second game, all of those conditions needed for a perfect game came together and he had his first 300.

He finished with a 161 for a 642 set.

That set is short of his career-high 675 series.

He, too, competes in only one league a week and subs occasionally.

McDonald hasbeen bowling since he was 15 years old and carries a 190 average.

"Bowling is an excellent form of entertainment," said McDonald, employed by Baxter Health Care.

"It's great way to relax from the stress of working."

Two weeks after McDonald threw his 300, John Newby Jr. rolled a 198 opening game, came back with a 245 in the second and put it all together in the third game for that 300, and a nice 743series.

Newby, the mechanical operation supervisor for Brunswick Columbia, lives in Elkridge and carries a 209 average in the Wednesday league and a little higher in the Sunday Mixed at Columbia.

That743 series was just short of his career-high series of 746. But in the first game, he was struggling a little bit.

Then Newby put a piece of tape in the thumb hole of his 16-pound ball and shot a two-game series of 545 -- including that perfect 300.

And you didn't think equipment makes a difference.

Newby has been bowling for 13 years and working for the Brunswick Corp. for 14 years.


Two smoke-free leagues will form at Brunswick Columbia on Mondays, one at 6:30p.m. and the next at 9:30 p.m.

Once a month, at 9:30 a.m. every second Tuesday starting in June, Columbia will feature will be Ladies No-tap with brunch event.

The Striking Senior league will begin at10:30 a.m. Thursday, May 23, for those 55 and up at Brunswick Normandy.

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