Special Education Poses Special, Urgent Challenge

May 19, 1991

Special education challenges everybody.

Children must overcome disabilities that run the gamut from mild learning disorders to severe mental retardation or physical handicaps. Parents must see to it thattheir sons and daughters are given the chance to succeed.

And the struggle doesn't stop with the family.

Teachers spend countless hours helping students master skills many of us take for granted, while school officials are charged with ensuring both the legal and moral imperatives are met.

Beginning today and continuing through Tuesday, reporter Dianne Williams Hayes and photographer GeorgeHolsey report on special education in Anne Arundel County.

You'llvisit a boarding school for students with severe emotional problems,follow a man trying to place handicapped students in jobs and hear aformer student tell about what the school system did -- anddidn't --provide.

No issue facing educators is more complex than special education.

We hope "Facing the Challenges" will help readers understand both the terrible problems it presents and the priceless rewardsit can bestow.

Our report begins on Page 10.

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