From The Sun May 19-25, 1841May 20: No delay will ensue by...


May 19, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun May 19-25, 1841

May 20: No delay will ensue by the burning of the railroad depot at Annapolis and the destruction of the locomotives. The company has promptly obtained another engine and the regular trips are resumed.

May 24: Dispute -- A celebrated common lying near and round the intersection of Fayette Street and Chatsworth Run is beginning to excite a high degree of public attention. Dead dogs, hogs and cats are the occasion of this.

, From The Sun May 19-25, 1891

May 19: The Fifth Regiment Band received their new uniforms last night at the armory. Red shoulder knots and red aiguillettes have been added to the uniform.

May 22: The five iron shelters in Druid Hill Park and two in Patterson Park have been completed and are now ready for the use of the public. The cost of building them was about $17,500.

, From The Sun May 19-25, 1941

May 19: More than 1,000 acceptances for the testimonial dinner to Archbishop Curley tomorrow night at the Lord Baltimore Hotel have already been received, it was announced last night.

May 21: President Roosevelt declared today that the experiment of moving up the date of Thanksgiving by a week to improve retail business had not worked out and that next year Thanksgiving would be on the customary last Thursday in November.

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