Gibby's Seafood Restaurant, 22 Padonia Road, Timonium...


May 18, 1991|By MARY MAUSHARD | MARY MAUSHARD,The Evening SunThe Sun The Sunday Sun

Gibby's Seafood Restaurant, 22 Padonia Road, Timonium, 560-0703. Gibby's serves good food, but in a loud atmosphere. Loud as in din. A din more fitting to a wind-down-after-work bar than to a restaurant where the kitchen seems to have its act together. Gibby's offers a large selection of fresh seafood that can be broiled or fried. There is an interesting list of house specialties, as well as steamed crabs and a few meat and poultry offerings. The steamed shrimp are spicy and delicious, so good you'll wish you had ordered more. $$moderate. (Last visited 3/91.)

LYNN WILLIAMS Enrico's, 808 Westminster Pike, 833-6301. The words "family style" are usually a red flag to diners, indicating the probable presence of unadventurous dishes and yowling preschoolers. Enrico's is indeed child-friendly and its menu fairly simple, but the country inn is a charmer, and the food wasn't seasoned for sissies. Before 7 p.m., kids can eat for free from the children's menu, while their elders dine on Italian dishes that are deftly spiced and well fortified with garlic. $$moderate. (Last visited 4/91.)

JANICE BAKER Tamber's, 3327 St. Paul St., 243-0383. Tamber's "Nifty Fifties Dining" isn't frozen peas so much as style -- Johnny Ray, Norman Rockwell, a pretend old Coca Cola sign, a soda fountain and snazzier metal than anything I remember when diners were real. As for the food, skip the modern Buffalo chicken wings heavy on skin, the conspicuously dull French fries, the fish du jour, and the blah desserts with artificial whipped cream. Go for the chicken in the fluffy, commercial bun, or chicken scaloppine. $$moderate. (Last visited 3/91.)

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