Robber leaves photo IDs behind in Monument Street bank holdup

May 17, 1991|By Roger Twigg J...

Who needs a hidden camera to catch a bank robber when the robber brings his own pictures?

Yesterday, a man who took more than $2,000 from a bank in the 2100 block of East Monument Street accommodatingly left behind two photo identification cards -- one of them including his height, weight, eye and hair color . . . and address.

Perhaps the fellow needs a new line of work.

Jim Dearborn, an FBI spokesman, said agents were preparing to obtain a warrant for the holdup suspect -- a 35-year-old man on probation from another botched bank job.

Authorities said the same man was nabbed on Nov. 29, 1989, when he dropped a holdup note on the ground while he was being questioned by the police about a robbery at the Vermont Federal Savings and Loan office in the first block of East Fayette Street.

According to the police, the man received a 27-month jail term and five years probation for the 1989 holdup -- but didn't learn much from the experience.

Just before noon yesterday, the man walked into the Provident Bank of Maryland office on East Monument Street and inquired about opening an account, said Agent Arlene K. Jenkins, a city police spokeswoman.

Agent Jenkins said the man used a Maryland Motor Vehicle Administration non-driver identification card and a second photo ID from St. Joseph Hospital, where he had been employed previously, to identify himself to the manager.

When the manager opened a door leading past the bank's cashier area, the robber pulled out a gun and ordered her to empty the contents of two cash drawers in a plastic bag.

Bank employees told the police they would have little trouble identifying the robber from the identification cards he left behind.

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