Bright star in banking

May 16, 1991|By Patrice Martin

When you first see her, you might think that perhaps she's a model or an actress.

Certainly not a banker, but that's what Kimberly Banks Anderson is, newly wed and a recent arrival to the Baltimore banking community.

Perhaps we should be reconsidering just what a banker looks like these days.

The 25-year-old native of Orange, N.J., and Princeton University graduate, is a private banking officer with Sovran bank.

"I'm a lending officer," says Mrs. Anderson. "I sit down with a client's financial statement and determine what I can do . . . coordinating all the areas of the bank that the customer needs to utilize. So then the customer need only call me. There is no typical client. All need individualized service."

The Columbia resident, who came from Manufacturers Hanover in New York, credits Sovran's area manager, Stanley Dodge, with taking a chance on her. Although most bankers will look for someone who has established contacts, he gave her the opportunity to build a portfolio from scratch.

"He basically said you have a lot of potential and I'm going to bet on you," says Mrs.Anderson.

Now, she has developed a substantial portfolio of doctors, lawyers and business people while steadily building contacts.

"I have a client who owns an advertising production firm here who recently told me that my service has been a great help to him and that I've made a difference."

Mrs. Anderson admits that she was also attracted to banking because of its financial rewards.

hTC "I've always wanted to be comfortably wealthy. I realized that if I wanted to be rich, I'd better figure out how to do it. I've now seen millions of ways to do it. The opportunities are limitless.

"I have absolutely wonderful parents. I believe that you don't get anywhere in life without a firm foundation. They were always very supportive of me. That's not to say that I didn't get in trouble, but they would forget my failures immediately. They taught me by example to invest in myself and those things that enrich you as a person. And to always do my best."

Mrs. Anderson is grateful for the advantages she's had and the confidences others have placed in her.

"It may sound corny, but my hobby is making a difference. You know that adage, 'Each one . . . take one'? I really believe that. It's important to me to give back. I step ahead, reach back, pull up, then move on. There are people who have done it for me. I'd like to be a part of changing the face of Baltimore, to have a real impact."

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