An Honor For Parents Who Go Above The Call Of Duty

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County Is Searching For The Most Beautiful Mothers And Fathers

May 15, 1991|By Bonita Formwait

You're standing in the checkout line at the grocery store waiting for the frazzled woman ahead of you to fish her check-cashing card out of a purse the size of carry-on luggage. Her purchases of Fruity Pebbles, Kid's Cuisine frozen dinners and Extra Strength Tylenol are being placed in plastic bags (after she declined the environmentally correct paper bags). She appears not to hear as her son repeatedly requests a quarter to purchase a plastic football helmet from the vending machine. You notice she is wearing makeup on only one eye.

Is thisa beautiful parent?

The nervous guy at the Crown station is cautiously teaching his daughter how to work a self-service gas pump. His shoes are covered with lime dust from lining the softball diamond. The car is rocking with the combined energy of three little girls doing an impersonation ofMadonna. As he tries to persuade them to unlock the doors, the gas spills over and now his shoes are clean.

Is this a beautiful parent?

Does being a beautiful parent have anything to do with trendy haircuts, designer clothing and a tan purchased at a Tans-R-Us? Or is it the parent wearing a Cub Scout T-shirt, with a tan courtesy of 11 consecutive Saturdays spent on the third-base line yelling "Slide, slide!"?

Anne Arundel County is looking for its most beautiful parents. As part of the Maryland Most Beautiful Parents Project, this program will offer an opportunity to recognize parents, grandparents, foster parents or older siblings who provide healthy, nurturing environments for children.

Nominees must be county residents, 18 years old and acting as the primary care-giver to a child, 6 months old to 18 years old.

The county program is being coordinated by Evelyn Stein at the health department. Because each parent has a different approach to raising a family, there are suggested guidelines to follow in the selection of a winner.

Several applications have been received already, including a few that have been sent in by children nominatingtheir parents.

The winner will be selected to represent Anne Arundel County in the statewide contest. All county nominees will receivea certificate. The winner and two runners-up will be honored at a reception in August, along with nominees from other parts of Maryland.

Nomination forms are available each of the county's health centers, libraries or by calling 222-7095. Forms must be received by July 1.


It must be close to summer because the sno-ball stand at Holy Trinity church is once again open for business. Operating daily from 3 to 8 p.m., the stand is staffed by students and former students of Arthur Slade Regional Catholic School. Regular summer hours will beextended to noon until 9 p.m. starting mid-June.

Sponsored by theArthur Slade Home-School Association, the money raised throughout the summer is used to help defray tuition costs at the school, said sponsor Rosemary Wisniewski. She promises "reasonable prices, a lot of flavors and ice cream and marshmallow for on top."

The stand is located at 7436 Baltimore-Annapolis Blvd. in the parking lot next to Holy Trinity.


If your luck is running right, you may be able to get your hair cut, eat dinner aboard the schooner ship Nighthawk in Baltimore's harbor, stop off on your way home and get a few free videos to watch while you snack on a pizza. All this and more is availableas door prizes at the Rippling Estates Civic Association's bingo game at 7:30 p.m. Friday in the hall of St. Bernadette's Church, 801 Stevenson Road.

Admission is $9 in advance and $10 at the door, whichbuys 20 regular games. In addition, specials will be run throughout the evening.

This is the first time the association has sponsored a bingo game in recent memory, explained association president Carol McNalley. It is all part of an attempt to breathe new life into the organization.

"We see this as a chance to get the community acquainted again -- to bring people out for some fun," said McNalley.

Friday's bingo game is open to the public. Residents of Rippling Estateswill have the opportunity to join the association that evening. Duesare $10 per family per year.

For ticket information or membershipapplications, call McNalley, 969-5750.


Maria Iula, a speech teacher at Richard Henry Lee Elementary School, has been selected as Educator of the Month for Anne Arundel County Schools. Her nominationwas a joint effort by principal Lauralee Whitmore, reading specialist Marcia Hill, counselor Janice Tourre and several members of the PTO.

As a speech teacher, Iula is responsible for more than 60 students from preschool age to fifth grade. In addition to the challenges raised with each individual child, she must also work within the already-tight schedule of the teachers and students.


Officers for Veterans of Foreign Wars Post 434 and the Ladies Auxiliary were installed for the 1991-1992 year at the May membership meeting.

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