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May 15, 1991

From: Carolyn Roeding


Anne Arundel County PTAs

The Anne Arundel County Council of PTAs has always been a strong supporter of the School Board Nominating Convention, which "provides a procedure for citizen participation in selecting and presenting to the Governor of Maryland qualified candidates for each appointment to the Anne Arundel County School Board."

Interest in the nominating convention process has declined over the past few years, but the process has survived.

Delegates returnedand again were given an opportunity to hear and to question the candidates. At the convention on May 1, 1991, these delegates voted for their choice to fill the legislative seat from District 33.

We haverequested that Gov. (William Donald) Schaefer appoint the school board member in accordance with this process and the wishes of the delegates.


From: Mildred Pelkey

Glen Burnie

To the person or persons who stole from the front porch of my apartment building my flower boxes of beautiful pansies the day before Mother's Day: I hope your mother enjoys them as much as I did.

Being ignorant enough to steal, I'm sure you don't read papers so you will never read this. Perhaps your mother will. I wish her a happy Mother's Day, for she must have needed them more than I did.

Some of those plants were a gift from my children. I have to explain to them why I no longer have my flower boxes.

I am a senior citizen trying to live on a meager social security check and a part-time job paying minimum wages. I will not be able to replace the planters or the pansies.

I'm sure you are sleeping well, knowing you remembered your mother on Mother's Day!

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