Menu ranges from salmon to popcorn

May 15, 1991

Hometown and presidential favorites are among the eats Queen Elizabeth II will be offered at team owner Eli Jacobs' pre-game reception tonight at Memorial Stadium.

Here's the complete menu:


Petite Maryland crab cakes with Grand Marnier

cocktail sauce

Kosher franks in a blanket

Chicken croquettes

Vermont Cheddar puffs

Norwegian smoked salmon and creme fraiche

on black Russian rye


Tomato tortellini

Garlic chicken, alfredo style


Beef tenderloin roasted and seasoned with garlic,

accompanied by Oregon truffle sauce,

horseradish and pommery mustard

Roasted blackened breast of turkey with sun-dried

tomato aioli

Assorted multi-grain rolls


Fresh fruit

Profiteroles filled with coffee ice cream

Warm bittersweet chocolate sauce

Fresh hot popcorn

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