Response in poor taste* In the article on the possible...

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May 14, 1991

Response in poor taste

* In the article on the possible names for the new stadium, a writer [actually an "It's Your Call" respondent] made a comment in poor taste about the late Thurman Munson. It's fine to have disliked him for being a Yankee, but no fan should ever forget the skill and chutzpah Thurman brought to the game. In this era of crybaby, overprotected players, the game of baseball could use more players like Thurman Munson. The public's memory may be short, but I remember Thurman and I miss him.

Kevin Campbell Royal Oak

Rev up racing coverage

* I am an auto racing fan who just moved to this area. I find a lot of racing fans here, with Dover, Watkins Glen and Pocono so close. Yet I never see anything in your paper about stock car racing.

I have a paper sent to me all the way from Hampton, Va., just so I can read something on racing. I think more racing fans would buy your paper if you had any coverage.

Leon Bass Joppa

Give policy an 'F'

* I feel Baltimore County's policy on academic eligibility for interscholastic sports is too weak. The current rule is that if a student gets more than one E, he is not eligible to be on a team. With this system, a student with six D's and one E can be on a team, when he should be at home trying to raise his grades. Perhaps a system where the students must have a C average would serve better. People who really want to play will keep their grades up. After all, are students in school to play, or to prepare for college and a job in the real world?

I am a 1Oth-grader at Towson High School, and I am on the varsity cross country and indoor track teams, and the JV baseball team. I had a 3.2 GPA in the third quarter.

Ben Lyng Baltimore

Frank isn't to blame

* I've been an Orioles fan for as long as I can remember, and I want them to win just as much as the next fan. However, it seems there are a few people that are making themselves heard saying that the answer to the Orioles' problems would be to let Frank Robinson go.

It amazes me how quickly people can change their colors. At the beginning of the season, the talk centered on finding a place to hang the division title flag in the new stadium. Now that the Orioles have gotten off to a slow start, people are talking about who should replace Frank.

Let's be realistic. The Orioles might not come around and finish in the top three, but don't be surprised if they do pull off a little of that Oriole magic and make this a "season to remember."

Tony Day Edgewood

EBW worked all angles

* As a former free-lance sports writer who closely monitored Edward Bennett Williams' campaign for a new baseball park in Baltimore, I have to take exception to Ken Rosenthal's contention that the new park at Camden Yards did not come about from the same blackmail as was used to persuade the powers-that-be in Illinois to build Comiskey Park II. It was just more subtle here.

Anybody who closely followed Mr. Williams' appearances before the Maryland General Assembly will remember his comments before several committees. His prevailing theme was that Memorial Stadium was inadequate (there were and are two opinions about that) and that he would never sign another long-term lease without a new stadium. This left the clear implication that, if a new park was not forthcoming at state (taxpayers') expense, there would be no commitment to keep the Orioles in Baltimore.

Mr. Williams, whom I greatly admired, was a silver-tongued attorney, one of the best. He was an expert at choosing the right words but leaving the implication he wanted to convey. He was much more subtle than Jerry Reinsdorf, the White Sox owner. But, make no mistake, his message was the same -- give us a new ballpark or there won't be a major-league team in Baltimore.

Charles Frainie Baltimore

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