The Pride of Baltimore

May 14, 1991|By Polly Thornton

Who can forget her complement of sail

at crimson sunset on the Chesapeake?

A pleasure artists paint and

songsters sing,

a pride of which it's difficult to speak.

The gentle clipper ship called

back to mind

romantic, rakish, wistful days of yore

and yet, she heralded a renaissance,

a port revitalized in Baltimore.

She was a serendipity, our PRIDE,

and sailed with eager, dedicated crew.

A peaceful ship whose mission

served us well

and shared good will on every


As pensive armchair sailors

followed her

with shackled gypsy hearts

and misty eyes,

they cheered and tracked a

legend odyssey

through frothy, white-capped

seas and starless skies.

The classic schooner lured

admiring crowds

whene'er she entered foreign

ports of call,

and they stood, captivated

by her charms,

unmindful of her fate in

cruel, white-capped squall.

Though now she rests in

briny deep, our PRIDE

bequeathed to us a treasured memory,

her crew and captain well


in mind of anyone who loves the sea.

For still she sails in

melancholy dreams

and lingers yet, in woeful

hearts that ache,

a silhouette that plows

through moonlit beams,

and leaves a ghostly sadness

in her wake.

(The Pride of Baltimore went down five years ago today.)

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