Director Roth is making his third consecutive film about the press

May 14, 1991|By Los Angeles Times

HOLLYWOOD -- Director Bobby Roth can't avoid the press.

He is about to start shooting his third film in less than two years that involves a journalist as a main character. This time, it's "Keeper of the City" for Viacom Pictures.

Early last year, Roth made "The Man Inside," a thriller about a famed German investigative journalist and master-of-disguise. He followed it with "Rainbow Drive," a murder-mystery with a newspaper publisher as the villain.

"Keeper of the City" stars Louis Gossett Jr. as a detective and Peter Coyote as a crusading reporter on the trail of a frustrated investigative reporter who turns vigilante when he's unable to bring down the Mob.

Roth shot much of "Rainbow Drive" at the old Los Angeles Herald-Examiner building and may return there for "Keeper" location work.

Although Roth likes the research and investigative qualities of movie making, he calls his recurring themes "just coincidence."

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