Tip of iceberg caps Williams' thawAfter more than one-half...

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May 13, 1991

Tip of iceberg caps Williams' thaw

After more than one-half century, Teddy Ballgame tipped his cap to Boston Red Sox fans yesterday.

With the same flair that marked his long career, Hall of Famer Ted Williams saluted the fans on a day in his honor marking the 50th anniversary of baseball's last .400 batting average.

After taking an oral swipe at his longtime favorite target -- sportswriters -- Williams reached into his pocket and pulled out a Red Sox cap.

"So they can never write, ever again that I was hard-headed, so they can never write again that I never tipped my hat to the crowd, today I tip my hat," Williams said with a wide smile as he waved the cap to a packed crowd of more than 34,000 at Fenway Park.

"I tip my hat to all the people in New England," he said, "the greatest sports fans on earth." Jose Canseco says his late night get-together with rock star Madonna was an innocent one.

"We're just friends. She's a nice lady," the Oakland Athletics outfielder said.

Canseco, who recently reconciled with his wife, Esther, declined to say who arranged the meeting Thursday with Madonna.

He was photographed coming out of Madonna's apartment building in the early morning hours Friday. Saturday's New York Post splashed the picture across Page 3, with the headline "Madonna's Batboy?"

Canseco, 26, was in New York with the Athletics for a weekend series against the New York Yankees.

He declined to speak to New York media, making his comments Saturday to writers traveling with the Athletics.

Canseco wouldn't say how he first met Madonna or how long he has known her.

"Just say we met before," Canseco said.

The quote

Minneapolis Star Tribune columnist Patrick Reusse on the the future of the Minnesota North Stars on the eve of the 1990-91 season: "The North Stars and the National Hockey League are finished in Minnesota."

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