Is Miller ours or theirs?Regarding Jon Miller: I believe...


May 12, 1991

Is Miller ours or theirs?

Regarding Jon Miller: I believe it is time for him to decide whether he is an Orioles announcer or a network one.

There is nothing more annoying then to turn on the radio and hear "Jon Miller is on assignment," then turn on ESPN and guess who's there?

One footnote: It would have been nice in this last season in Memorial Stadium for the Orioles to have brought back Ernie Harwell as their announcer.

Dennis Croghan



Trouble in the dugout

Frank Robinson was a great ballplayer, is a good motivator, but is a lousy manager. He couldn't manage in San Francisco or Cleveland, and it remains the same here in Baltimore. Now is the time -- before it is too late -- to fire him. Looking back on the "Why Not?" 1989 season, many, many games were lost due to his poor decision making, but those managerial blunders were forgotten because the Orioles won 87 games in spite of him. Last year speaks for itself. And this year, although it is still early, I can already think of two games where his questionable managing probably led to two losses instead of two wins -- April 22 vs. Chicago and April 27 vs. Milwaukee.

The sentiment to oust him is growing. Take a look at Jim Henneman's column in The Evening Sun on April 23. It was the first time a reporter had the nerve to tell it like it is. Also, listen to Jeff Rimer's talk show. After the April 27 game, it seemed like every other caller was asking for Frank to be let go.

I know I'm not the only Orioles fan that feels this way, although most that do agree with me seem reluctant to say so publicly because of all of Frank's accomplishments as a player. But that was then, this is now. Some former players just aren't cut out to be managers -- Frank is one of them.

Chuck Friedel


Harboring a name

It would be appropriate for the new home of the Orioles to have some "old bay seasoning" in its title, reminiscent of the great Chesapeake Bay and Inner Harbor it will help promote. Let's give consideration to Bay Harbor Stadium.

Steve Kelly


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