From The Sun May 12-18, 1841May 14: Green Mount Cemetery...


May 12, 1991|By Fred Rasmussen

From The Sun May 12-18, 1841

May 14: Green Mount Cemetery -- We understand that about three hundred lots have already been taken this spring in Green Mount. This is encouraging and shows no doubt of the entire success of the great undertaking.

May 17: A negro slave, some weeks since, was murdered by his master, a Mr. Mackey, in Pike County, Mo. It is stated in one of the St. Louis papers, that the people met, and by a majority present, voted that the murderer should be burnt alive.

From The Sun May 12-18, 1891

May 13: A dispatch from Centreville, Md. says: "The two hundred colored residents of the town of 1,400 inhabitants are talking vengeance for the lynching of Asbury Green, colored, early this morning. They have no leaders but are ready to do mischief.

May 14: McMahon was the prince of pitchers in the eyes of 4,300 persons yesterday. From the broad stands of Union Park their blood warmed to see him sting St. Louis in turn with a shut-out.

From The Sun May 12-18, 1941

May 14: Maryland's new Philadelphia Road, a dual-lane concrete highway, has been damaged during the past winter to the extent that several thousand dollars must be spent on repairs, it was learned at the State Roads Commission yesterday.

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