Fall rockfish proposals

May 10, 1991

ADVISORY BOARD RECOMMENDATIONS * Charter Fishery: Two-fish creel limit (18-inch minimum size) per a day; 31-day season beginning Oct. 11, no permits required; and termination of the season if allocation is reached prior to the intended end of the season.

* Recreational Fishery: Two-fish season limit by permit only (18-inch minimum size); both rock can be taken in the same day (but the season will last 17 days from Oct. 11 to Oct. 27); and termination of the season if the allocation is reached. If the season runs its course, the DNR would calculate the catch, and if any of the allocation is unused, the remainder could be taken in a special "tack-on" season in which anglers would be allowed one fish a day with no permit necessary.

DNR ALTERNATIVE PROPOSAL * Charter and recreational fisheries would be combined as would their individual allocations. The season would be of 16 days (Oct. 12 to Oct. 27), during which each angler would be allowed two fish of an 18-inch minimum for the entire season.

* The permit tag system would apply for both charter and recreational fishermen, and the season would be terminated if the allocation is reached. If the season runs its full course, the DNR would calculate the catch and reopen the fishery for any remaining available allocation on a basis of two fish a day per angler, starting Nov. 9.

OTHER REGULATIONS * Under both proposals, fishing would be during daylight hours only, no gaffs could be used, catches would be monitored daily, and other rules applicable during last year's fall fishery would also apply. The commercial fishery would be about the same as in '90, with minor allocation and season changes.

OVERALL QUOTA * The overall quota would remain the same as last year, 750,000 pounds, unless the Atlantic Coast Marine Fisheries Commission approves a modification that would increase it to 1,100,000 pounds. The commercial allocation would be 42.5 percent of the overall quota; recreational fishery, 42.5 percent; and charter fishery, 15 percent.

PUBLIC MEETING * Both proposals will be aired at a public meeting Wednesday at 6 p.m., at the Department of Agriculture building, Harry S. Truman Parkway, Annapolis. For information, call Frances McFaden at 974-3365.

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