Yankees call up Steve Howe

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May 10, 1991

Pitcher Steve Howe is back in the major leagues after an absence of more than three years, having been called up by the New York Yankees.

Howe, 33, who has been suspended six times for alcohol and drug abuse, has excelled for the Class AAA Columbus Clippers. In 18 innings, he was 2-1 with five saves and an ERA of 0.00.

The Yankees released pitcher Andy Hawkins despite a $1.4-million salary the club is obligated to pay and announced that Pascual Perez will take his place in the rotation.

* PHILLIES: Lenny Dykstra had a tube removed from his right lung, which received a slight puncture in an automobile crash Monday.

Dykstra is listed in fair condition and is expected to be released by Monday.

Meanwhile, a couple living along the twisting state road in Radnor Township, Pa., where Dykstra's Mercedes crashed say they have witnessed eight accidents at the site in the past two years.

Also, it was reported that Dykstra has received two speeding tickets in the past three years in Mississippi -- 83 mph in a 55-mph zone and 80 in a 65-mph zone.

* GIANTS: Responding to questions about Roger Craig's future as manager in light of the team's 9-18 start, general manager Al Rosen said: "He is here to stay. He will not lose his job -- and that's in bold print."

* DODGERS: Orel Hershiser reported no pain or stiffness yesterday, one day after pitching five shutout innings against Class A hitters in his first game since undergoing shoulder surgery in April 1990.

* PIRATES: Center fielder Andy Van Slyke, unhappy with shortstop Jay Bell's lack of concentration, screamed at Bell in full view of thousands of fans after the third inning Tuesday night.

Bell forgot how many outs there were and held up halfway between first and second on Van Slyke's inning-ending fly.

"Andy was right for yelling," Bell said later. "The one thing that you don't see in baseball anymore is players don't police other players the way they used to."

Stat corner

Lowest average run support for starting pitchers (througWednesday, minimum 4 starts):

Pitcher, club... ... GS... .. R.. .. Avg.

... ... American League

Harris, Boston.. . .. 6.. .. 11.. .. 1.83

Rogers, Texas.. .. .. 4.. .. ..8.. .. 2.00

August, Milwaukee.. ..3.. .. ..7.. .. 2.33

Appier, Kansas City...5.. .. 12.. .. 2.40

Bankhead, Seattle.. ..5.. .. 12.. .. 2.40

... .. .. ...National League

Charlton, Cincinnati..6.. ... 10.. .. 1.67

Harnisch, Houston.. ..6.. ... 13.. .. 2.17

Drabek, Pittsburgh... 6.. ... 14.. .. 2.33

Benes, San Diego.. .. 6.. ... 15.. .. 2.50

Sutcliffe, Chicago... 4.. ... 10.. .. 2.50

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