Controversial premiere of 'Sisters,' already censored, won't be seen here at all

May 10, 1991|By Michael Hill | Michael Hill,Evening Sun Staff

The premiere of NBC's "Sisters," the show co-created by Pikesville High School graduate Daniel Lipman, won't run in his hometown tomorrow night at 10 o'clock because Channel 2 (WMAR) is carrying an Orioles game at that hour.

Which means Baltimore will miss out on the controversy surrounding the show. Though this pilot was filmed a year ago and passed muster with all the NBC executives, advertisers balked at an opening scene featuring three of the show's sisters sitting in a sauna discussing their sexual response, in particular nTC the experience of multiple orgasms. It's getting cut.

"I think it's most unfortunate," Lipman said by telephone yesterday from Los Angeles. "I'm opposed to censorship of any kind and that's just what this is.

"People all across the country sitting in their homes Saturday night won't be able to see this scene because some advertiser objected. That's not right."

When the controversy broke, Lipman said he received a call from the show's co-star, Swoosie Kurtz, alerting him to watch her appearance on Joan Rivers' talk show.

"She was on there with Sean Young and a woman who had written a book about sexuality and they spent a half hour talking about orgasms. Sean Young was practically demonstrating how to find the g-spot. This was at 12:30 in the afternoon! And our scene gets cut. It's unbelievable."

Also getting pre-empted by Channel 2's Orioles' broadcast is what must be one of the season's most-anticipated broadcasts of "Saturday Night Live." It's hosted by Delta Burke, controversial star of "Designing Women" and the tabloids.

Praying for rain won't even help since the game's under a dome in Seattle.

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