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May 10, 1991

This is the Maryland Week of the Working Parent, a few days set aside to recognize the role of parents in the state's work force and to help employers find practical approaches to work and family issues that affect their employees.

It's also a time to offer those parents a helping hand by sharing these Tips for Working Parents, developed by The Maryland Committee for Children, which is sponsoring the week. Today's tips address self-esteem.

Parents want their children to be successful. Here are some tips for making children feel good about themselves:

* Let your child perform simple tasks -- such as writing a grocery list, assembling work supplies -- with you; this can help him feel good about himself and about the work you do.

* Let your child make choices.

* Let your child succeed often; a child who feels good about himself will try new things.

LTC * Praise your child in public, scold in private.

* During play, let your child choose the activity or direction of play.

* Respect your child's decisions, projects, ideas and creativity.

* When a child says, "I can do it myself," respect his independence.

* The key to building self-esteem is to encourage their abilities and support them when they make mistakes.

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